Tuesday, April 15, 2008

TTA: Professional Help

If I could have help from a professional I think it would be an author. For one I am a horible speler and I suk at wrighting. I definitely love a good book. You can get so much from them. I don't want to point the finger at anyone but if anyone knows my dear Mom it would explain alot. I also had Mrs. Douglas for most of my English classes in High School. Sweet lady and I'm sure very smart, but way to easy, even when I went to class :).

So that would be my first choice (today). I hope that fits the topic.

So I appoligize now to anyone who reads my blog. I'm just thankful I leared about the spell check feature.


Jennie said...

I am a horrible speller, too. And I hate that in the comment section you can't spell check. It drives me crazy!

Hey I think I am going to come get that red bowl sometime in the next month or so. He, he, he....

Love Ya!

Are you coming to the playgroup on Friday???


Love the TTA post this week. I'm a great speller, seriously I won spelling bee's all the time. I only mis-spelled one word all throughout my school years on spelling tests...BUT that does not mean I know how to type. I agree with Jennie, they need to get spell check on the comments.

Sean & Sarah said...

I, also, pride myself on spelling. I always did really well in the spelling bee's on the class level, then I would get nervous about going in front of the whole school, so I would spell a word wrong on purpose. The one word I do remember spelling wrong though was martyr... come on, what kid knows how to spell that? (I guess one that has done extensive research on Joseph Smith).

Hillary Corpuz said...

Thanks for coming to the Zoo today, your girls are so stinking cute!!