Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't sleep

Last night I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep, but my mind just kept going. One of the many things going through my head was, for no particular reason, how many cars we have had since we got married. Lets see if I can remember them all.

Just before we started dating I went out and bought an 1999 Infinity G20, I had wanted one for a while. I thought it would be a good car if I happened to meet the right guy and start a fam. The car I was driving before that was my college car my 89 red Mustang convertible, fun car but not for a family and it was getting up there on the miles. Before that was my very first car my 84 Accord, great little car. I ran it right out.

Ok so when we got married Eric had a newer Accord, but with a new (to us) house and a lot of fixing up to do. He thought he needed a truck so he bought a used Chevy truck and sold the Accord. Well shortly after that Mya was on her way then soon Ellie too so Eric didn't think my G20 was big enough so we went out on Christmas eve and bought us a brand new 05 Honda Pilot. That was a good suv. Well for some reason Eric decided to sell his truck and go back to a car so what did he buy but another Accord this one a few years old. Then his sister was going to buy a new car so he also bought he Cavalier off of her. Then we decided to sell our house and see where life took us, so we moved in with my mom somewhere in there he sold he accord and decided to but what, but another truck this time he got a cute little used Toyota Tacoma. Then some point around now we purchased or first van a Honda Odyssey, also used. Then he sold the Tacoma. We were in the process of building our house and decided to sell the Pilot, to free up some cash. then went the Caviler. Then came the Mazda Protege5 Which I think was his longest keep at just under two years along with the van. Next was the selling of the Protege then we bought our new but used as well Odyssey. So with two mini vans we were quite the family. Eric thought he would keep the van and drive it around that didn't last but a couple months then he saw a great deal on a new, yes new this time Subaru Legacy. I tried to talk him out of it but I guess I'm a push over. I think I got them all in there. Is this unusual, or are there others out there like him?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th Of July!

Our 4th was pretty basic, we went to the good old Magna parade, where the kids got so much candy. Then had a bbq at our house with some of our family, yum. Then sat around for awhile to let our food settle. After everyone left we headed to Tooele where some friends invited us out for some fun. They had a pinata for the kids and then after they let off a ton of fireworks! It was also good because from their backyard we could watch the big ones at Millers Raceway, they were great I swear they lasted like 45min. On our way back home as we came around the Mtn. we saw the fire on the hill. That was crazy to see. I'm just glad they had it under control, we could see it from our house. I would have got a picture but the batteries in my camera were dead.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric

Yesterday was Eric's 30th birthday, wow where does time go. So I had planned on taking him to dinner at Tepenyaki's, (where we have tried to go but it was always to busy. On our way he said he wanted to go to Famous Daves where we have gone to often, I should (being HIS birthday) have said fine but instead I kind of threw a fit on how he never tries new things. So we ended up at Tepenyaki's where he sulked the whole time. I had heard the food was great, it was just alright and not worth the $ you pay, and Eric doesn't like veggies which is half the meal. So that was pretty much a bomb. At dinner I gave him his card and a gift cert. to go golfing. Which he was way to excited about. Not!

Luckily dinner was over fast so we decided to go see the new Will Smith movie, after we got our seats I went out to call Eric's Mom (who had our girls) to tell her. She told me the family was coming over in 45 min of cake(which I had planned i just didn't know they were coming so early) so I went into the theatre to tell Eric. So we came out and got a refund had headed home.

Everyone was at my house waiting for the birthday boy. We sang, ate the cake and then visited with fam while Eric was in the other room on the Internet. Then to top off the great evening we went outside and pulled weeds in the yard.

So I pretty much think this is my last attempt at birthdays for him. I suck! Sorry honey Happy Birthday anyways. I love you!