Friday, June 27, 2008

Camping Adventure

Last weekend we decided at the last minute to go on a camping adventure. So Saturday afternoon we pack up the old tent trailer and hit the road. We didn't really have a plan, we knew we were going to go through Spanish Fork Canyon to look at some land for sale in Fairview. We have a trailer and friend is giving us we just need to find a nice, cool, mountain place to put it.

Nice huh! Well none of the places we saw were just right.

So we continued down to Manti where Eric knew of a trailer park. So we pulled in to there about 9:00pm and took their last available spot. We didn't realize the Manti Mormon Pageant was going on that weekend. We thought what the heck let's take the kids over and check it out. We got there about an hour late(10:30)and the kids lasted about a half hour..
We drove back to the trailer got ready for bed and finally got to sleep around 12:00. Well at 4:30 Macie woke up, it was getting pretty cold so I decided to put her in bed next to me( she was in her fold out bed next to us). This was a bad idea because shes not used to sleeping with anyone and she never did go back to sleep, and neither did I. So around 5:30 or so I took her outside so we wouldn't wake the others I made her a bottle and we hung out in the van.
Then when everyone got up we got dressed and drove to McD's for breakfast. Then to Walmart for some stuff(like mosquito repellent)and then packed up, and headed to Richfield were Eric's Aunt lives. When we got there we got to swim in her nice pool (ya not really camping I know). The girls loved it. Macie took a nice 3 hour nap. Then we grabbed a early dinner and swam again. She insisted we sleep in he house so we didn't have to sleep in the trailer, That was a relief after the night before.

After another swim in the pool(behind the brown fence), we got ready and started off for home. Eric couldn't make that easy either I think he took the longest route on all the back roads. He wants to ride his bike from our house to St. George one of these days so he's in search for the best route. Ya he's got a screw loose as my Mom puts it.

In all we had a very nice time and the kids did very well. Eric wants to try another adventure this weekend up north to Malad Idaho, for Welsh Days. Sounds like to much fun.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Celebrity Look- alikes

Mya 's Graduation!

Mya is growing up so fast I can't believe she graduated for her first year of preschool. She went to a neighbor of my Mom's(Mrs. Bev). Mya loved it and made lots of new friends.
Their graduation was at Hunter Library in one of the extra rooms. I wasn't sure if she was going to sing , before when they did a program for the parents she wouldn't do anything. This time the room was packed with parents and grandparents and she sang every song. I was so proud. I guess she likes a crowd. Here are some cute pictures.

Anniversary Update

It is so nice to get away for a couple of days. It goes by so fast though.

The beautiful flowers Eric sent me(and Mya's from her graduation).His Aunt owns Especially For You, downtown.

The Zermott Resort in Midway where we stayed. It was beautiful. It had it's own miniature golf course, so we did that one night, I won actually. I think that's a first.
On our way home we stopped in Park City and rode the new Alpine Coaster. It was so fun. We tried to do the Alpine Slide but when we got to the top to come down it started raining (barely) so they wouldn't let us go. We ended up riding the ski lift back down the mtn.

We also rode the Heber Creeper but we forgot the camera. It just happened to be Thomas The Train weekend there were so many kids. We luckily rode a different train.

Hot Hubby Doing His Thing

This is Eric at one of his races down in Lehi. Look at those legs, I know I'm jealous. He loves to race and we love to go watch and cheer him on.

I was going to post about our anniversary but he hasn't put the pictures on our computer. I'll get on it.