Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Anniversary Update

It is so nice to get away for a couple of days. It goes by so fast though.

The beautiful flowers Eric sent me(and Mya's from her graduation).His Aunt owns Especially For You, downtown.

The Zermott Resort in Midway where we stayed. It was beautiful. It had it's own miniature golf course, so we did that one night, I won actually. I think that's a first.
On our way home we stopped in Park City and rode the new Alpine Coaster. It was so fun. We tried to do the Alpine Slide but when we got to the top to come down it started raining (barely) so they wouldn't let us go. We ended up riding the ski lift back down the mtn.

We also rode the Heber Creeper but we forgot the camera. It just happened to be Thomas The Train weekend there were so many kids. We luckily rode a different train.


Candace Kay said...

How fun! I love the little get aways! Your hotel looked really cool. You crack me up going to the Heber Creeper with all the Thomas the Train fans!! I hate going WITH my kids at that time!! You need to come down and hang out this summer! Don't you have a camp trailer? We should go on a camping trip...let me know what ya think! Lylas babe!

The Peterson Family said...

I bet it was so fun to have a little get with just you and your hubby. Nate & I are so due for one of those ourselves! Good thing that it's our 5 year anniversary too!!

Melissa said...

that alpine coaster looks fun. I didn't even know they had it.