Sunday, April 6, 2008


I finally got my blog finished, and added a few pictures. Sorry I don't have more pictures, I have to use my husbands work computer so there's not a lot of pictures to choose from. I'm working on more.

Warning, if you happen to check out my husbands blog, it's all about bikes so pretty boring,(sorry honey) unless you want to learn more about them.


Sean & Sarah said...

Hey Jana! How are you guys? I came across your blog after looking at Angi's (who is really friends with my sis, April, but I just like to look at other peoples). I, too, just joined the world of blogging, though I said I never would... I also said I would never drive a minivan, yet here we are! Your girls are so cute, Macie looks more like Eric to me, Ellie is totally you, and Mya is more Eric too.

Aubrey said...

Hey Jana!
I'm so glad you found my blog, I peeked at yours too. :) Your girls are beautiful, and my mom is excited to teach them!

heather said...

Hey Jana! So the shoe party was lovely and your blog is too. I love the old pics of your girls, so freakin cute!

Sean & Sarah said...

Sure you can add me to your "friends list" and I'll add you to mine and check your blog. BTW, did you know we moved? We are in Davis County now, up by Layton. We really like it. I miss being close to my mom and April, but other than that, it's really nice up here.