Friday, April 4, 2008

Tagged: 6 FuNkY FaCtS!

1. The dimple on my cheek was made by a baseball bat when I was 2 years old. I spent a long time in the hospital because it got a staff infection where I got hit. My poor 50 year old Mom at the time slept on the hard hospital floor.

2. When I was born the left side of my mouth and neck was partially paralysed, hence the "Nike" smile.

3. I can belt out some pretty loud belches. Just ask Jessie Zufelt or Tyler Payne.:0

4. I can push my stomach out pretty far like I am pregnant, but NOT! And I can roll my stomach like a wave as part of it.

5. I can lick my nose. :)-

6. My next oldest sibling is 11 years older and my oldest sibling is 43. Ya pretty much like an only child. When I first got married Eric kept referring to my siblings as my aunts and uncles.

Any questions? Or demos. J/K

I tag Angi, Hillary, and Tiffany


Jen said...

Hi Jana, I totally stalked your blog today! Your girls are super stinking cute. It looks like all is going well. Keep smiling!

Jen (Locke) Garcia

Jennie said...

Hey Jana I loved your funky facts! I can't wait to get a demo the next time I see you.

Great shoe party, too. I love my new shoes!

Hillary Corpuz said...

oh why did you tag me. your dead now to me.

just kidding.. GOSH!

Amy said...

Your girls are so dang cute!! So I need to find out who did your shoe party because I want to do one down here. Will you email me or I will call you tomorrow. Hope you are doing good.