Thursday, May 22, 2008

Happy 5 year to Us!

Today is Me and Eric's 5 year Anniversary. WOW! Does time fly. You would think with already having 3 (beautiful) girls it should be longer than that. I guess we chose the express family plan. Really I wouldn't have planned it any other way, it's working for us.

I just wanted to tell Eric how much I Love him. He is a great Daddy and husband. I hope he can continue to put up with all us girls.

I also want to thank Shy for getting us together, thank you Shy!

Eric surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a night up in Heber City. I'll keep you posted on that(well the stuff I can tell;)).


The Bradley Family said...

Happy Anniversary babe! You have only been together for 5 years!!j/k You guys are so cute together and look at what beautiful babies you make together...take pics of your little vaca in Heber and yea don't tell us ALL the details unless it is saying that your having a BOY!!!;) Eric can only hope. Love ya- Talk to ya soon.

I noticed your mom in the pic of Macie--tell her hi for us. We really need to come see her (and you)

daEnces said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow time really does fly!! Your girlies are SO beautiful!!

Just Dance said...

Happy Big 5!!! I can't believe it's been that long already. It seems like yesterday when Mary accidentally told me you were getting married because you were scarred to tell me. Kind like you were to tell me you were prego. I must be a mean BFF! Just kidding, I am so happy for you. You guys are the cutest little family. But please don't come back from Heber and tell me you are going to have a boy!!! You need to wait for me, ok!


Hillary Corpuz said...

Oh great.. JANA IS GOING TO BE PREGNANT again! Your girls really are gorgeous! Have fun in Heber.

Melissa said...

You're so funny! Those are cute pics. Happy Anniversary.

The Wingwah's said...

5 years and 3 girls later... ours is 9 years (yikes) and 3 girls later... and holding with that!

Amy said...

Your girls are so darling Jana. Hey congrats on the anniversary, time really does go by quick huh? Enjoy every little minute.

Hillary Corpuz said... is my email. I haven't seen your email coming through, try this one too just in case..