Monday, August 4, 2008

24th of July

I took the girls and we went down to Spanish Fork we watched the parade and went to the carnival and rode some rides. Wow what a ripoff $23 dollars for each to ride like 5 rides, but they had a blast so it was worth it. Here's some pictures! I didn't have any of Macie so I threw in one from at the pool.


Fuchs Family said...

You seriously have the cutest girls ever!

The Sturgills said...

I agree with Heather (which never happens) - your girls are SO cute!!! I can see you in them so much!

Candace Kay said...

How fun!! You need to start coming down here on the 24th and do all the kids FREE rides in the park. Your girls are so gorgeous I am really nervous for you them to get older maybe not nervous for them but for all the millions of boys that will show up on your doorstep. Tell Eric if he needs a good shotgun Kyle's got a few extra!:) Love ya babe