Tuesday, March 25, 2008


My first job was working part time at Nordstroms, along with Jessie (bff) and Val my other good friend. We cleaned up after pigs in the dressings rooms. WOW! Some women. We would take mounds of clothes to the back where we folded, rehung and sorted out the ones from other departments. It would have been a drag if it weren't for eachother. We made it fun and who doesn't love a good discount.

Next would be one of my favorites The Reel Theatre. Probabally another drag if not for good friends and free everything (well almost). Free movies, drinks, popcorn, and we would often trade movie passes for Francescos garlic cheese pizza, Yum! Little did I know I would later end up marring one of the managers (Katie) brother.

Through college I worked nights at good old Discover Card. I mean really who hasn't worked there. Hated the job there again, but the people I worked with again saved me. Plus I met more guys and went on more dates than I would have thought possiable. Some good most Baaad!

After I finnished college(SLCC Cosmetology) I stayed at Discover and picked up working days at all famous Great Clips. That just being temporary until the Follicle opened. Started there the first week it opened and was there up until a year ago last November when my hubby put in a great salon for me in my basement. Hollie brought up the idea of comming to work at my house with me, it sounded like a good idea and it has been nice having her there. She keeps me smiling.

I love doing hair not only because of my awesome clients but I do really enjoy it, it's like a hobbie I get paid to do. I hope I can continue for many more years. Good luck Hillary, let me know if I can do any thing to help.


Jennie said...

Hey Jana! I'm so glad you are participating in the TTA. It is so fun to learn new things about each other!

See ya tomorrow!

Jessica said...

YES! I am so glad you got your blog.

BrittneyandDoug said...

Hi Jana! It was great to see you the other day, your girls are adorable! I am going to add you to my list :)

Matt & Angi said...

Jana, I love that you started your blog! It was fun seeing you at bunco! And thanks again for getting me in so quick to get my hair done! You did an amazing job and I absolutely love it! I can't believe how many compliments I have got! So THANKS!

Hillary Corpuz said...

Hey dating machine.. I wanted to ask how much you charge for kids cuts.. my girls are in desperate need of a trim.

Amy said...

Hey you, I'm so glad you started the whole blog thing. What a fun way to get to know each other and our little families better. Love it. Good seeing you the other night. Hang in there. Oh and I'm adding you to my friends if that's ok?